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Goodbye  When you dreamed of saying goodbye in a happy way with the person you knew, it indicates a happy occasion  and a happy moment.  But when you dreamed in a gloomy situation of saying goodbye it indicates that the person might experience a sad moment and a death of someone you love.

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Tiger – When you dreamed that you were attacked by a tiger, it means that there is someone who will betrayed you but if the dream is about saving the life of the tiger, this will signifies that you will be also saved by your friends which will ruin your personality.

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Sky – Happiness and wealth is the one that describes your dream about the sky.

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Sea – Be careful because you will be drowned in your own emotion.

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Eclipse – This signifies fear, dread, terror.  But this may possibly the search for the truth.

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Prince – when you dreamed of a prince they say it indicates that you have a high respect to yourself and you give importance too. This is what your dream point out.

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