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Camera – A lightproof box fitted with a lens through the aperture of which the image of an object is recorded on a light sensitive material.  If you dreamed of the camera, it signifies that you need to focus on a particular situation.

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Turkey – Is a large American bird.  It is a domesticated birds derived primarily from a Mexican variety of the wild turkey and raised chiefly for their flesh. When you dreamed of a turkey it indicates that you will be travelling and you will have a good luck in your life.

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Desert – Is a rocky mountains thought to be dry or uninhabitable.  It’s an area of an ocean believed to be devoid of marine land. It was said that if you dreamed of a desert, you will experience that someone  will attack or destroy your reputation.

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The Frog

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Frog – If you dreamed of a frog, you need to be careful with your health because this means that you might get sick.

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Father – When you saw your father in your dream, power and protection is the symbol of it, but if you dreamed that your father is dead, this means a warning that you should be careful with the business you want to establish.


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Turtle – When you dreamed of the turtle, this means that you have an enemy which you do not know.  So you have to be careful for that.  He might fight you back.

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Island – It indicates that you want to have a privacy.  You want to have some quietness within your surroundings.

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Lion – When you dreamed of a lion it signifies that you will have a best friend in life.

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Castle – It is a large fortified building or set of buildings built originally in medieval times as a single donjon often surrounded by inferior  buildings a palisaded enclosure and a moat and later often having more elaborate accessory building courtyards, surrounding defensive walls and a draw bridge over the moat.  It signifies the coming of the award, honor, remembering and a tribute to the accomplishments done.


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Deer – If you see a deer in your dream, this will symbolizes good friendship, success in business and a good luck in your love.

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