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Whale – It is an aquatic mammal of the order Cetacea  that are externally look a lot like a large fish and is valued commercially for whale oil, for the flesh which is used as human food and in animal feeds and fertilizer and formerly for baleen. When you dreamed of a whale, it signifies that there will be a big blessing and also that there will be a big truth which will be expose or known.

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giftGift –  Something that is voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.  If you are dreaming that you are giving a gift to someone, this only sees that you qre generous and helpful to others.  If in your dream, someone gave you a gift, that symbolize that you are being awarded with your character being a generous person.

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Boat – It is a small vessel with or without a deck propelled by oars or paddles or by sail or power.  In your dream, if you you are riding a boat, you are passing  situation or event in your life.

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Cat  –  It is an animal that in appearance or behavior looks like any member of the family.  In our dream when cat attacked you and you beat it, it means that you will pass all the trials in like and you will earn fame.

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Knife – it is a simple instrument used for cutting consisting of a sharp-edged usually steel blade provided with a handle.  When you dreamed that you are struggling to get the knife to the hands of one person, it indicates that you will pass all the trials and bad luck.


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Owl – It is a pigeon of a long-established breed from which the turbits and satinettes having a lace on the top if the neck and the bill very short with the upper mandible downwardly curved.  When you dreamed of an owl, it indicates that there is someone who will cheat you.

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Shark – It is a kind of fish that has a big and sharp teeth which it uses for attacking people or things.  When you dream of a shark this indicates that you will experience a big threat in your success but you will pass all through it.

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Detective – It one employed or engaged in identifying lawbreakers or getting information that is not readily or publicly accessible.  This indicates that you are looking for a solution to a problem.  This also indicates that you are searching the truth in connection with the issue which gives you doubt

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Rhinoceros – The dream concerning rhinoceros means that you will experience a big threat causing the lost of the life of your love ones.

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