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Bag –  A container made of paper, cloth, mesh, metal foil, plastic or other flexible material and usually closed on  all sides except from an opening that may be closed (as by folding, pasting, tying or sewing), being of sizes ranging from small to very large and being specially designed and treated for property holding, storing, carrying, shipping, or distributing any material or product.   This dream signifies the responsibility assigned to you.


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Rabbit – Is a small grayish brown mammal that differs from the related hares in its burrowing habits and in having the young born naked and helpless, is native to Southern Europe and Northern Africa but has been introduced into various other regions where it is often a pest because of its rapid reproduction and has developed under domestication many varieties differing from the wild form in size, conformation and coloring and variously adapted to the production of meat and fur or for pet and show stock.     When you dream of a rabbit, it indicated the sincerity of your love and the friendship.

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Harmonica – Is a small rectangular wind instrument with free metallic reeds recessed in adjacent air slots along its length from which alternate tones of the scale are sounded by exhaling and inhaling and chords or single notes are produced depending on the number of slots cover by the mouth.  It can be also called mouth organ  If you dream of a harmonica, this signifies that you need to let all out your emotion which was kept for so long. 

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Dwarf – Is an abnormally small person.  If you dream about the dwarf, this means your non-balance and the attitude which will be hard to understand. 

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Carrot –  A biennial plant (Daucus carota) having a yellow or orange-red tapering root that is used as a vegetable.  Eating carrot in your dream symbolizes richness in life and a happy experience you have. 

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Faucet – Is a fixture for drawing a liquid from a pipe, cask, or other vessel.  The faucet in your dream signifies the ability to control your feelings and to choose the emotions which you would like to show to other people.

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Dictionary – It is a reference book containing words usually alphabetically arranged along with information about their forms, pronunciations, functions, etymologies, meanings and syntactical and idiomatic uses.   If in your dream you are using a dictionary, this shows that you are hoping fully with the opinion of others in driving your own life.

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