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Dead Man

Death – When you dream that you are talking to your mother who was already dead, this indicates the fear that you might lose them.  This also indicates that you like to give your last time to talk with them before they’re going to die.

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Vampire –   Is a blood sucking ghost or reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave and wander about by night sucking the blood of the person asleep and causing their death.  It signifies  in your dream that you have fear in your own feelings.

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Dog – A carnivorous mammal of the family Canidae that has been kept in a domesticated state by man since prehistoric times is undoubtedly descended from some unknown wild member of the genus Canis possibly the common wolf varies in its artificially produce breeds far more than any other mammal and is kept chiefly for sporting use or as a guard or companion. The howling of the dog in your dream indicates that there will be a bad incident.  It is also possible that one of your love one will die.



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Rhinoceros – The dream concerning rhinoceros means that you will experience a big threat causing the lost of the life of your love ones.

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Goodbye  When you dreamed of saying goodbye in a happy way with the person you knew, it indicates a happy occasion  and a happy moment.  But when you dreamed in a gloomy situation of saying goodbye it indicates that the person might experience a sad moment and a death of someone you love.

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