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Cage – It Is the place where animals are place.  When you dream that you are inside the cage, this indicates that you are feeling helpless to face the trials in life.

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Carpenter – Is a workman who shapes and assembles structural woodwork especially in the construction of buildings, stage settings, tunnels and mines.  If you are a carpenter in your dream, this indicates that you are facing all the trials that comes to your life with dignity.

Visual source:  mshodahl


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Cat  –  It is an animal that in appearance or behavior looks like any member of the family.  In our dream when cat attacked you and you beat it, it means that you will pass all the trials in like and you will earn fame.

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Knife – it is a simple instrument used for cutting consisting of a sharp-edged usually steel blade provided with a handle.  When you dreamed that you are struggling to get the knife to the hands of one person, it indicates that you will pass all the trials and bad luck.

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