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Grasshopper – A grasshopper can be also called a locust. It is an insect that eats plants and has long back legs adapted for jumping. It may have a long  antennae or a short antennae.  The grasshopper in your dream is a warning  that you will encounter a trouble because of your non-attention and non-caring of a thing.

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When Driving

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Man in sports car

Driving – It is a short trip in a vehicle ( as a carriage or automobile) wholly under one’s control as distinguished from a vehicle (as a train) under the control of another.  When in your dream that you met an accident while you are driving, this symbolize your own fear in actual driving and it is also a warning that you should give extra careful while you are holding the wheel of the car.

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Rat – Any of numerous rodents (family Muridae) of Rattus and related genera that differ from the murid mice by their usual considerably larger size and by features of the teeth and other structures and that include forms (as the brown rat, the black rat, and the roof rat) which live in and about human habitations and in ship have become naturalized by commerce in most part of the world and are destructive pests consuming or destroying vast quantities of food and other goods and acting as vectors of various diseases (as bubonic plague).  A dream about the rat means a warning that you will encounter a trouble and many problems in the family and in the business.

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Father – When you saw your father in your dream, power and protection is the symbol of it, but if you dreamed that your father is dead, this means a warning that you should be careful with the business you want to establish.

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