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Fish – Is the kind of animal that live in a water.  Freedom is the connotation of fish in your dream.

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Jesus –  The Son of God Almighty.  If you dream of Jesus, this indicates that you will get the most highest dream and aim you have in your life.  You will pass all the difficulty  to meet all success.


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giftGift –  Something that is voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.  If you are dreaming that you are giving a gift to someone, this only sees that you qre generous and helpful to others.  If in your dream, someone gave you a gift, that symbolize that you are being awarded with your character being a generous person.

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Sky – Happiness and wealth is the one that describes your dream about the sky.

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Prince – when you dreamed of a prince they say it indicates that you have a high respect to yourself and you give importance too. This is what your dream point out.

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Essencde of Dream

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Dream is a series of image, feelings and the thinking which people experience while sleeping which has connection to true people, places and events.

Study said that 100% we experience the sight in the dreams compared to 40-50% that we can heard.  Seldom that we can smell, taste or feel the pain in our dreams.

There’s no exact meaning why people had their dreams.  However, this topic is continuously catch attention of many.

Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psycho-analysis, was the first person who gave interpretation to our dreams.  He believed that dreams are directly connected in our knowledge.  According to him, this is the way which we can show the usual things we hide, things we fantasize, or a  secret which people or individual seek.

According to Aristotle, a Greek Philosopher, our dream started from the inner part of the heart of a person. 

In the modern point of view, dreams can be the integration of the new information in ones dream.  This can also symbolize the image which is different with the logical mind.

Before, they believe that dreams are spiritual, and usually it express situation or events which can happen.

Study said the feelings of fear and worry can help analyze the effect of how the brain works when a person is dreaming.

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